Sonrisas de Bombay

The truth is nothing would please us more than to be able to collaborate with many of the entities who endeavour to help those in need. There are many of them out there, each dedicated to a more than worthy cause and they are all doing a magnificent job.

That was our initial idea, but given the size of our project and the fact that we are just starting out, we through it best to focus our efforts in helping a single entity.

Why Sonrisas de Bombay?

I met Jaume Sanllorente before he established Sonrisas de Bombay. I had lost track of him for a period of time and one day I ran into him. When I asked how he’d been, he told me he had travelled to India and had come back to sell his belongings so he could permanently move there. His eyes shone bright and I asked if it was love that was motivating him to relocate. And he said, “no….well actually, yes, the love I saw in the eyes of the children living in an orphanage that was shutting down”.

It’s been a number of years since that conversation but I never failed to remember him saying “yes, the love I saw in the eyes of the children living in an orphanage that was shutting down” and was truly in awe of his courage and his decision to move there. Since then, I have marvelled at how the project has moved forward and at all the work that has been done.

When I decided to begin this new adventure, there was no doubt in my mind I would contact them. I told them I planned to donate 2% of all of our in-store and online retail sales to an NGO and that I wanted that NGO to be Sonrisas the Bombay. They obviously agreed and immediately involved me in the project.


The goal of this project is to provide formal preschool education to boys and girls under the age of 6 living in shantytowns located in the north of Bombay and the east of Andheri to try to prevent them from falling into exploitation rings, thus giving them a chance for a better future.

We specifically participate in financing the BALWADI number 15 project, also called DOVE.

We are more than pleased and hoping to break the charts, rising above all expectations to help DOVE

David Bria