Our project was born of the desire to fuse fashion with social awareness.
Stylish fashion accessories and decorative home pieces full of personality.
Faithful to the brand’s values -commitment and authenticity, among others- we design our collections and work with natural materials and small artisans who use traditional methods to offer you limited edition pieces that have that ethnic touch that transports you to other cultures.


From our humble perspective, we believe that the world should be a more equitable place and that we should all work towards that goal. With your contribution, we can participate in different projects that help improve the lives of those who have not had the same opportunities we’ve had and who have lived a very different existence, without rights or opportunities.
We are idealistic and believe that it is possible to make the world a better place…we think people should help each other out… and we believe in those people who are creating different solidarity projects… With your help, we can do our part.
Chic & Cool Atelier donates 2% of annual retail sales to different organisations working on social improvement projects throughout the world. You can participate with your purchase and, if you are interested, we can keep you informed of how your contribution is helping to make specific projects become a reality. Thank you!